Monday, June 2, 2014

Website Design and Internet Marketing

Website Design and Internet Marketing

    According to comScore, as many as 92% of consumers and businesses who are looking to buy products and services begin their buying process by searching online, including searches for local businesses. Can your customers find you online?

​   If you are a serious business owner who is planning to be in business for at least next 5-10 years, you should concentrate on your business web presence.  The sooner your start building your business web presence, the stronger your ranking will be in the certain geographical areas and certain business searches. Otherwise, your competitors will take over your market area.

Why do you need a custom website?​​ If your website is implemented with all the possible snippets and metatags customized to your products and services, it will help the search engines to discover your website and bring it on the front page. Cheap template websites usually do not have all the necessary tools to make your website be discovered on the Internet. 

   ​You may realize that the Internet can be the main and cheapest source of your business. Your business information can be spread all over the Internet by Social Media, SEO, Google+, Blogs, Articles, Videos, Google AaWords, Google Maps, Google News, etc. You can create an event like free consultation, seminar, sale, open house, or any other, and invite your local community by using the event snippet.

    For example, Smart USA, maker of tiny smart cars, in just three days earned 22 million social media impressions, topped Redditt twice and increased its Twitter followers by 1,755%.
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